Making books in a garage in Waterloo is our life's work.

Books made for your enthusiasm,
whatever that might be. 


MacLellan Baetz has created a model for quality hand-sewn, hardcover, material-bound books that hold a bit of nostalgia, a bit of freedom from your screen, and a lot of space for your enthusiasm - whatever that may be. Sketch your art. Plot your garden. Write your novel.


Something special, for a special someone

In a region that prides itself on tech prowess and creating the next big thing, Alistair MacLellan is turning instead to the centuries-old practice of binding books by hand...
— Andrea Bellemare, CBC KW
It’s the human element that resonates with MacLellan. He’s intrigued by the thought of his hands sharing the same page as his buyers.
— Jules Torti, Grand Magazine

Fill a notebook with your life's work.