MB Publishing House was established in 2014 thanks to 147 international Kickstarter backers who thought they’d give an unemployed Journalism grad who probably needed a haircut and good shave a break.

Thank goodness they didn’t mind the beard. 

The backers helped us to craft our first batch of successful books - and a lot of prototypes that didn’t work too. But we did it. MacLellan Baetz has created a model for hand-sewn, hardcover, material-bound books that hold a bit of nostalgia, a bit of freedom from your screen, and a lot of space for your enthusiasm - whatever that may be. Sketch your art. Plot your garden. Write your novel. The MB notebook comes in limited styles and sizes, a product as simple as our process.

Making books in a garage in Waterloo, Ontario is our life’s work. You can fill them with yours.


Alistair MacLellan

Al founded the business, makes the books, and can usually be found hunting through his favourite public domain classics online. It's a blessing and a curse.


Allison Leonard

Allison manages the the MB online presence, engages with the community, and writes addresses on envelopes because Alistair's handwriting isn't very neat (he's working on it).